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2019SU Product release

Chrystie NYC releases its summer line
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19SP Product release

Chrystie NYC releases its first full cut & sew line that promises top quality garments.
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Chrystie NYC X Falcon Bowse

Chrystie NYC is proud to announce a collaboration with a hand-made hat brand, Falcon Bowse.

“I think you can get many important emotions and experiences from making something with your own hands, not sure which could be the most important thing or lesson to take away from it though. For me, it teaches me things like how to look ahead from a failure and do it better. How to recognize when something is made with perfect skill, tradition and heritage. How to appreciate, love and embrace the imperfections of anything hand made.”
– Brian Downey, Brand Director
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18HO Product release

Chrystie NYC releases products in the last season of the year. This collection includes De Stijl logo and new station logo designs.
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18FW Product release

Chrystie NYC is proud to announce its first premium line as part of 18FW line with tribute design to the legendary graphic designer Massimo Vignelli.
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18SU Product release

Chrystie NYC announces its new C logo with whole new 18SU product line.
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18SP Product release

Chrystie NYC releases 18SP line with OG logo collection & Chrystie Lover logo collection.
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17HO Product release

Chrystie NYC announces 17HO line.
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17FW Product release

Chrystie NYC announces 17FW line.
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Chrystie NYC X Chinatown Soccer Club

CHRYSTIE NYC is very excited to announce its first collaboration collection with the Chinatown Soccer Club to help celebrate the team’s fifteenth anniversary this fall.

The Chinatown Soccer Club is a crew of artists, skateboarders, photographers, designers, writers and all-around good people who meet year-round for friendly soccer matches in New York City’s Chinatown.

CSC came together back in 2002, when the World Cup in Korea and Japan inspired them to meet a few mornings a week to sharpen their dormant soccer skills. Since then, the CSC has grown steadily by embracing friends and acquaintances from the downtown creative community. Fifteen years on, and even in the dead of winter, the love of soccer still gets them out of bed to have a kick-around before heading off to work.
It’s the beautiful game. But most of all, it’s the friendships forged on the field.
Worldwide official launching on 09. 28. 2017.
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17SU Product release

Chrystie NYC announces its iconic “Chrystie Smile logo” designed by Niccolo Debole and its first soccer jersey design with FDNY tribute patch design.
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17SP Product release

Chrystie NYC releases its second collection with Classic logo line.
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Chrystie NYC Launching

In October 2016, a professional skater Aaron Herrington and a photographer Pep Kim started a project with the mutual interest of making something new based off the energy and spirit of the emerging and evolving Downtown skate culture.

Chrystie’s goal is to not only promote projects that share Herrington and Kim’s mutual admiration for the institution of skateboarding, but the elevation of those that define it.

Chrystie is a New York City based clothing brand.
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